1. The Trail dels Fars is organised by Associació Biosport, and coordinated by Elitechip SL and Biosport Menorca.
    2.  The Trail dels Fars will be held on 3 February 2019 and consists of 3 races; the Marathon which departs from the Cavalleria Lighthouse and finishes in Ciutadella (44 Km.); The Half Marathon (21 Km), which departs from the La Vall car park and finishes in Ciutadella; and the popular race (11.8 km) between Son Morell and Ciutadella. In all three races, the finishing line is at the Tital Llorens Municipal Swimming Pool in Ciutadella.
    3. Registration implies complete acceptance of the content of these rules. Registration closes on 15 December 2018 so that the race can be organised as efficiently as possible. These rules must be strictly adhered to by all those taking part in the Trail dels Fars.

    The registration fees are as follows:

    Trail dels Fars 44KM

    • € 53 for registration before 18 September 2018.
    • € 58 for registration between 19 September 2018 and 8 December 2018.
    • € 65 for registration between 9 December and 15 December 2018.

    Half Marathon Trail dels Fars 21KM

    • € 28 for registration before 18 September 2018.
    • € 33 for registration between 19 September 2018 and 8 December 2018.
    • € 43 for registration between 9 December and 15 December 2018.

    Popular Race 12KM

    • € 18 for registration before 18 September 2018.
    • € 20 for registration between 19 September 2018 and 8 December 2018.
    • € 23 for registration between 9 December and 15 December 2018.
    1. Registration ends on 15 December 2018, or when the race reaches 600 runners. From that day, the original finisher clothing CANNOT be guaranteed, which may be changed for another design.
    2. Athletes who are not members of the Balearic Athletics Federation must take out a one-day insurance for the race, which we offer during the registration process or at the moment the race number is collected. This insurance costs €5 for all the races.
    3. Participation is open to all those people who correctly complete the REGISTRATION process and make the necessary payments depending on the race they choose.  The minimum age for taking part is 18 and no under-age runners will be accepted on the Trail dels Fars 44km or on the Half Marathon dels Fars 22KM.

    In the case of the popular race, those taking part must be at least 15 years of age, and under-age runners must provide parental authorisation at the moment they collect their race numbers. Participants may only use walking poles with rubber ends or caps on the points.

    1. Registration includes:
    • Participation in the race.
    • Free race memento.
    • Provisions during and at the end of the race.
    • Online monitoring via the passing points.
    • Physiotherapy service at the finish line.
    • Showers and lockers for clothes.
    • Finisher medal.
    •  Bus transfer from the Tital Llorens de Ciutadella Swimming Pool to the different starting points of the three races.
    1. Penalties:
    • All runners on the Trail dels Fars must wear their official race number, provided by the Organisers, visible at all times, on the front of their clothing. It must not be cut smaller, folded or changed in any other way. FAILURE TO DO THIS WILL LEAD TO AN IMMEDIATE PENALTY FOR THE RUNNER.
    • Going off-track to shorten distances:
      • First penalty: 15-minute time penalty
      • Second penalty: 30-minute time penalty
      • Third penalty: Disqualification
    • Throwing any type of rubbish, finding any waste associated to the race number or not having the race number written on wrapping/packaging of energy bars and gels.
      • First penalty: 30-minute time penalty
      • Second penalty: 1-hour time penalty
      • Third penalty: Disqualification
    • Running at any time accompanied by another person without a race number will lead to IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION.
    1. Collection of race numbers:
    • This will take place at the Polideportivo Municipal de Ciutadella Sports Centre (C/ Cami Vell de Maó, s/n) on Saturday 2 February, from 16:00 to 20:00.
    • No race numbers can be collected on the day of the race.
    • There will be a small briefing session at the start of each race. There will be no briefing during the collection of race numbers. However, there will be an information desk where we will resolve any queries.
    1. The race is controlled electronically via the MyLaps timing chip. All those taking part who do not have a yellow chip will have to hire one (hire-cost €3). You will be able to hire one during the registration process. All runners must carry the chip throughout the entire race, placing it in their running shoe. Otherwise, the time reading will not be done correctly. The Organisers will place control points along the route to ensure that the runners complete the route, as well as recording the times of each runner.
    2. The race route is signposted by the GR-223 tape and will go from the Camí de Cavalls to the Nati Lighthouse, where it will then go on to the road until it reaches Ciutadella.
    3. Any runner who has to abandon during the race must do this at an aid station and hand over their race number. In the event that they are unable to abandon the race at an aid station, they MUST notify the Organisers.
    4. The Organisers will make 5 aid stations available to all runners. These will be distributed along the race course and provide water, isotonic drinks, food and fruit, as well as other products provided by the Organisers. Each runner should carry their own cup because in order to minimise the effect this race has on the local environment, no cups will be provided at the aid stations. 
    5. It is totally prohibited to receive external help or provisions during the race outside of the points provided by the Organisers. During the race, participants must obey any indications by members of the Organisation at all times. Failure to do so will result in immediate disqualification.
    6. The organisers may use images, videos and sound from the runners during the race, including the build-up and aftermath, from the moment the race numbers are collected to the awards ceremony and transfer of the runners, with no set time limit for their use.
    7. Any athletes who would like to make a complaint must do so in writing with a deposit of €50 for it to be processed. This deposit will only be returned in the event that the complaints is valid.
    8. The time limit for finishing the Trail dels Fars is 7 hours. The rest of the races are subject to the cut-off time for the Marathon. Any participants who do not make the cut-off time in any race will be removed. In the event that these people wish to continue in the race, they must hand over their race number and they will be solely responsible for their continuation in the race.

    Cut-off times for the Trail dels Fars (the rest of the races will be subject to these cut-off times):

    • Aid station 1 Binimel·là (6.8 km from Far Cavalleria): 1 hour.
    • Aid station 2 Al locs (15.7 km from Far Cavalleria): 2 hours 30 minutes.
    • Aid station 3 La Vall (25 km from Far Cavalleria): 4 hours.
    • Aid station 4 Son Morell (30 km from Far Cavalleria): 5 hours.
    • Aid station 5 Far Nati (38.3 km from Far Cavalleria): 6 hours.
    • FINISH LINE Municipal Swimming Pool Ciutadella (44 km from Far Cavalleria): 7 hours
    1. The race start times are as follows:
    • Trail dels Fars Marathon starts at 8.00 from the Cavalleria Lighthouse.
    • Trail dels Fars Half Marathon starts at 10:30 from Algaiarens.
    • Popular Race starts at 11:30 from Son Morell.

    At each start line, there will be lockers for leaving clothes and the bags will be returned at the finish line.

    1. To be able to take part, the Organisers require certain obligatory material which each athlete must have, both in the Marathon and Half Marathon:
    • Hydration system with minimum capacity of 0.50 L (no cups will be provided for at the aid stations as we wish to reduce waste).
    • Mobile phone with enough credit and charge.
    • Race number on all gels and energy bars.
    • Thermal blanket.
    • Race number and chip

    *The Organisation reserves the right to add a wind breaker or raincoat to the material required depending on the weather conditions on the day of the race.

    **Before the start of the race, this material will be checked.

    1. The race categories are as follows:

    Trail dels Fars (Marathon)

    • Under-23 (male and female)
    • Senior (male and female)
    • Veterans M-40 and F-40 (male and female)
    • Veterans M50 and F-50 (male and female)

    Trail dels Fars (Half Marathon)

    • Senior (male and female)

    Popular Race

    • Senior (male and female)
    1. The bus fare is included in the registration price for all races. Only authorised vehicles can access the starting point at the Cavalleria Lighthouse.
    2. The bus service takes participants to the start line. Buses will be parked next to the Municipal Swimming Pool at Ciutadella and the times are as follows:
    • Trail dels Fars Marathon: 6:45.
    • Trail dels Fars Half Marathon: 9:30.
    • Popular Race: 10:45.
    1. In the event that you cannot take part in the race and have to cancel your registration, we will refund 50% of the registration fee so long as we are notified before 28 January. After this date, no refunds will be made.
    2. ENVIRONMENTAL Rules: Participation in the race involves awareness and acceptance of these rules which affect the environment:
    • Part of the races will take place in protected areas which are home to flora and fauna which are very delicate and vulnerable. Therefore, all runners must act with care and responsibility.
    • These areas will be duly signposted with a sign: Fragile Natural Area. These are:
      • The dunes of Cavalleria and Cala Mica.
      • The dunes of Binimel·là and Cala Pregondó
      • The dunes of Cala Pilar
      • The woodland area between the Macar de Alforinet and Cala Ses Fontanelles
      • The stretch between Ses Ancollès and the airfield of Son Angladó (Cala Morell)
    • In these areas IT IS PROHIBITED TO:
      • Use any type of device which may make loud noises.
      • Leave the designated route.
    • Shout or make loud noises.
    • It is strictly prohibited to throw away containers, packaging and any type of litter or waste. Each runner must mark their gels, bars, and so forth, with their race number. If any packaging is found with this race number on, the runner may face penalties.
    • Participants may only use walking poles with rubber ends or caps on the points.