The 46 km between the lighthouse of Cavalleria and the finish line of the Trail dels Fars in Minorca offer an adventure which will stimulate the minds of even the most demanding competitors. It is made up of a series of different races, all taking place on Sunday, 3 February 2019. The attractive route hugs the Minorcan coastline with plenty of climbs and descents. However, the most challenging aspect can be the weather, which has been known to throw up different conditions which make this race a real challenge. From the sunshine of the 1st edition to the cold temperatures of the 2nd race in which the North wind and the rough sea conditions turned this race into an epic contest.

With the experience of holding races since 2014 and more than 2500 participants, this race, organised by Biosport Menorca and Elitechip, now stands out as an amazing event, not just for the sport, but also as a social event, providing the perfect excuse to visit the wonderful sights of the island of Minorca during the off season, before it experiences the annual mass influx of tourists. This challenge has already attracted top level athletes such as World Champion Nuria Picas, Brazilian athlete Fernanda Maciel, World Champion Tóful Castanyer, Girona runner Toti Bes or Pau Capell, Spain Ultra Trail Cup winner, and Laia Díez, who won the women’s version.

The route offers runners 46 km which includes stages on tarmac, sand, gravel, track and trails, in a race which mostly stays close to the sea. The race starts from the emblematic lighthouse of Cavalleria, a long peninsula surrounded by sea on both sides, which offers a quick start surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

After a 1st stage on tarmac, runners then take the Cami de Cavalls, a path with more than 300 years’ history, which runs right round the Island. This particular stretch takes in the unspoiled beaches of Cavalleria, Binimetl·là and Cala Pregonda, before heading towards the most demanding part of the race, as runners take on a steady incline which reaches up to 500 m above sea level.

The beaches give way to cliffs and underfoot, sand turns to gravel, as runners will find it hard not to be distracted by the magnificent views around them. Ets Alocs, a pebbly cove, and Cala Pilar, offer short respite between the cliffs and their continuous climbs and descents, until the trail enters the most wooded area furthest from the sea, which leads up to La Vall, a stretch of unspoiled beaches, which is where the 21 km race starts.

From there, the trail snakes back onto some of the highest cliffs in the Island, until reaching Cala Morell, the last aid station, where the tarmac starts to appear.

12 km from the finish line, the starting point for their runners in the popular race, an event for those who focus on speed or those who are just taking up running and want to take in one of the most popular races in the Balearic Islands.

The last few kilometres are on tarmac and allow those who are racing against the clock to beat their personal bests and later celebrate at the finish line were the final aid station is waiting for them with a cold beer, isotonic and soft drinks, as well as pizza and a tantalising selection of the most typical sweet treats of Minorca.